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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unprecedented and a rapidly changing situation.

Throughout the pandemic we have put in place measures to ensure that colleagues and visitors feel safe coming into our sites and to minimise the risk of infection to colleagues and visitors.

In our risk assessments we have focused on identifying risk from our working patterns where possible and only relying on the use of PPE where that is not possible or as a secondary measure.

Given the government’s relaxation of nearly all COVID restrictions in July 2021 and the changes to the rules on self-isolation, we reviewed our own safety measures, taking into account feedback from our colleagues.  We have been careful to take a balanced approach to our safety measures while remaining confident we are doing what is sensible to protect our colleagues and visitors.

Current Measures (from 6 September 2021)

  • Normal entry and exits to be re-established. No welfare check required for anyone coming on site. Welfare areas to remain (in appropriate locations) to allow for anyone to take their temperature should they wish to continue to do so, which we would encourage all colleagues to do on arrival, but this no longer needs to be recorded on sheets at the entrance.
  • Face coverings for colleagues to be voluntary when walking around site or generally. This is a personal choice, but we continue to encourage the use of face coverings or masks in appropriate settings to help us to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID.
  • Where social distancing cannot be maintained or other mitigation is not in place, face coverings, and preferably face masks, are to be worn. This also applies to briefings or meetings where social distancing cannot be maintained and when walking around the site with any visitors.
  • The same exemptions as previously continue to apply to anyone who is unable to wear a face covering or mask for medical reasons.
  • Capacity limits for office spaces or meeting rooms to be removed, but all colleagues and visitors to exercise common sense on the number of people in a space to allow for social distancing (where possible) and to increase ventilation in spaces.
  • Visitors welcomed where there is a business need for their visit to site. Any non-essential visits to continue to be restricted and to require approval from the relevant Director in advance.
  • Visitors to be met at the door, asked to sign in and sat in the appropriate reception (at Team Valley – either upstairs or downstairs and at Washington downstairs) until the host collects them.
  • Visitors will be asked to wear a face covering or face mask when being shown around the building or on any tour but can remove these when in a meeting room. The OPG host will also wear a face covering or face mask at the same time.

These measures will be kept under review on a regular basis and may be updated or changed if government guidance changes or there is an increased incidence of cases locally or in the workplace.

We are happy to share our working practices with any customers or suppliers and are keen to hear from them on any other best practice ideas we may be able to implement.  If you would like any further details a copy of the detailed results of our risk assessment, please contact us.

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