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Signal Plastics is a specialist in high volume plastic injection mouldings. Formed in 2012, our technical expertise and significant investment in machinery have allowed us to work with some of the biggest names in the automotive and industrial and technical products sectors.

Our Signal Plastics facility is a 43,500 sq. ft site in Washington houses overhead robotic equipment and 15 injection moulding presses ranging from 100 to 1,300 tonnes. This makes us the perfect partner to produce higher volume and larger parts for automotive, aerospace and defence sectors, and more.

We currently employ over 90 people at Signal Plastics of operators, setters, and Group personnel.

For more information on our capabilities at our Signal Plastics facility or across the Omega Plastics Group please get in touch!

Facility Location

Signal Plastics
Unit 33
Bentall Business Park
Tyne & Wear
NE37 3JD

Signal Plastics Capabilities

Our plant list features 14 Negri Bossi and Sandretto plastic injection moulding presses. Our machines operate 24 hours a day, five days a week.




plastic injection moulding presses



The team at Signal Plastics

Expand to view our plant list:

Machine Press (T) Year Manufactured
Negri Bossi Vector 1300 2015
Negri Bossi Vector 800 2016
Yizumi UN700D1 700 2023
Negri Bossi V700 700 2002
Bole BL520 520 2021
Negri Bossi Canbio 500 2016
Negri Bossi Canbio 500 2014
Romi EN450 450 2022
Sandretto 400 400 2000
Negri Bossi VS330 330 2011
Negri Bossi VSE250 250 2011
Bole BL230 230 2021
Negri Bossi Canbio 180 180 2016
Negri Bossi Canbio 180 180 2014
Sandretto EN100 130 2011

Our Clients

Some of the world's most recognised and established brands trust us to deliver - on spec, and on time:

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