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Omega Plastics worked with Handsome Ltd. to bring the hand operated back massager used to relieve and prevent future back pain, one from the range of consumer medical devices available across a number of Boots stores throughout the country.

Omega were approach by Mark Critchley at Handsome Ltd. Mark had previously been working with design house Seymour Powell with the concept of a back massager device aimed at the personal care sector – used to relieve and prevent back pain. For the product to reach the market it required a turnkey solution which included tooling, moulding, assembly and final packaging of 5 individual components. During the design for manufacture review, Omega assisted in the selection of a suitable polymer which would meet the mechanical requirements, high visual aesthetics and the tactile feel for the end user.

To achieve the high visual quality standard set by Handsome, it was agreed that the product would be direct fed using hot feed systems incorporating both open flow and valve gates. Due to stringent colour requirements set out by the design house in line with the bac< branding, Omega individually matched the colour for each component to ensure the brand was maintained throughout the range of products.

A commercial agreement between Boots and Handsome specified a set launch date at a targeted number of stores, showing the importance of achieving tooling, optimisation, assembly & packaging to a narrow deadline.

A critical element of the project was the filling of the roller ball dispenser which released topical cream, this was contracted out to an approved supplier of Handsome. Due to the successful communication between Handsome & Omega; collectively we were able to deliver the final product on time, in the best quality and meeting the financial boundaries of the project.

The bac< Back Massager was launched early October 2013 and Omega continue to supply Handsome Ltd with the Massager assembly and the additional refill units.

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