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  • Pokito cups
  • Pokito cups

Following challenges with firms in China and Korea, Andrew Brooks – Owner of Pocket Enterprises, approached Omega Plastics in 2015 with a unique idea and product that could tackle one of the biggest environmental problems we see in today’s society.

While on a fishing trip in Canada, Andrew witnessed first-hand the effects of the logging industry and felt inspired to do something about it.

“Seeing this just made me aware of the environmental impact of something as simple as using a paper cup for my morning coffee.”

And so after a lot of research, Andrew created the Pokito – a reusable travel cup which can be adjusted to match the size of a user’s drink and has been designed to collapse when finished with for ease of storage and portability.

Gary Powner, managing director here at Omega Plastics said:

“Working together with Andrew, we were able to provide a full turn-key solution for the Pokito, successfully creating the tools needed to produce and mould all five components for the Pokito and then supporting the project through the manufacturing and assembly process.”

Material choice was a crucial part of the development process for this project and took six months of testing and experimenting with different grades of polymer. Thinking about the environment the product would be working in, we had to ensure that the material had the correct qualities needed for the cup to collapse in the right places, withstand heat, while remaining food contact safe and maintaining health and safety regulations.

The cup itself was made from a grade of TPU and the lid along with accompanying sleeves from a polypropylene (PP) to assist the structure of the product.

Now in full production, our Hartlepool factory is currently moulding, assembling and shipping the Pokito cup which is now available to buy online at the link below.

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