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Following earlier success for Omega and Unilever, the development of another spray can device was upon both companies to deliver, this time for a female orientated product.

With this project there was no difference [in relation to the Lynx project] in terms of expected results; Omega must perform to save time, reduce cost and deliver a production ready tool. Adding to the challenge Omega’s ‘master mould makers’ were involved in the Sure can project which they played a sizeable role in the testing of tactility, functionality & intuitiveness. A great responsibility for the company to be involved in the end users experience, something heavily focused on in collaborative many projects therefore after.

Previous spray tops had been functional yet like most things they have their flaws. This project brought a tough task to manufacture tools which brought a brilliant design on a screen, to a finished product in hand. The tool which was created for the inner ‘snap’ section of the spray device was manufactured with an incredibly short lead time throughout all testing stages with 6 different inserts.

The tool was completed production ready allowing Unilever to take their product to market quicker than competitor’s aerosol cans which later paid dividends with a Starpack Award for consumer products in 2011.

As Omega were directly involved in the design of the named ‘Posh Cap’, they could proudly display the credential of Starpack Award Winner 2011 highlighting another successful product launch in the Omega Unilever relationship. This award gave great confidence in the work completed in this particular project of Omega staff, as quoted by numerous members including Tooling Manager Steve Fairbairn: “A great contribution to British Manufacturing!”

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